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Thread: Crazy to buy a ZHP with 185kmiles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by holyc0w View Post
    Could be a bunch of stuff

    Oil pan gasket
    Oil filter housing gasket
    Water pump
    Fuel filter
    Fuel pump
    Belts/Pulleys (tensioners also maybe)
    Ignition coils
    Guibo/Center Support Bearing
    Intake boots
    Any other rubber parts
    Valve cover gasket may be coming due again since it was replaced over 100k miles ago
    Were the brakes done at some point?
    Thanks! Still waiting on more answers on their maintenance to get some of the basics answers like brakes and rotors.

    I am probably going to pay for a PPI before buying to try to size it all up a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post

    Sidenote: love your member name
    Lol. Believe it or not I get more people thinking it is the band name (don't know who they heck they are) than the BAD CLOWN.

    I chose it as my gamer/forum name as a teen and stuck with it. Hard to replace it given the history but one day I will think of something new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pennywise View Post
    Any parts not listed on the original post that I should factor in now?
    In addition to everything holycow posted, you may have to change a lot of suspension bushings and dampers

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    There's also the CCV system, but a PPI should point you in the right direction.

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