ZHP members:

I am installing a license plate light rear camera for an Avin4 headunit.

I removed the light assembly, electrical taped the three wires individually because I am not using them. Then connected the camera wires and wireless receiver wires to the trunk wires noted in the ShopLifeTV video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k08g1mqNX9g (8:00 minute mark).

Note: Since I bought and gave this vehicle to my nephew for Christmas, I had no knowledge if the reverse lights were working.

Now when I turned the vehicle on with the key and place it in reverse ... the reverse lights do not come on ... nor is the reverse camera displayed.

Is it okay to just taped off the light plate wires? Assuming the reverse lights were working prior to this, what would cause this problem? It appears that the reverse lights are not getting power.