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Thread: Market Value for a ZHP?

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    Market Value for a ZHP?

    It's been a few years since I visited this site and I'm glad to see it's still thriving.

    It's bittersweet though, the reason for my visit is that it's come time for me to let go of my beloved ZHP. After a newborn and the purchase of a soccer mom SUV, the final straw has dropped and it's time to make way for the complete take over of my garage with kids goods.

    Problem is, I have no idea how much I should be asking for this thing. The prices range so much. So, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on getting the best price for it. BaT? auction sites? Please let me know.

    Some info on it:
    2005 ZHP coupe
    just over 100K miles.
    black exterior, black alcantara interior
    Second owner, first owner babied it too.
    All maintenance performed on time
    No accidents. No problems, only major work was replacing the clutch when it hit 100k - when my mechanic took out the old clutch, it looked almost as good as the new clutch we were putting in...
    minor mods - angel eye headlights, Pioneer head unit, back up cam, Focal separates, stealth JL sub/fiberglass enclosure in the trunk.

    In any case, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


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    post some pics to help for reference.

    honestly: I don't see any reason why this wouldn't sell for over $14-15k on BaT, which is where I would suggest you sell it at in order to get the best price
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP - BMWP brakes/intake/strut bar/shifter, Coby wraps interior, BBS CHs, Eagle Eye LED tails, LED fog lights, GC coilovers, Sprint Booster/sport button mod, 4.5 LCM w/ programming, Xtrons 9inch HU, BSW stg1, dynamat, M3 sedan dead pedal, oCarbon CF interior trim, CF seat backs, 2x2 CF MTECH2 diffuser, CF cabin filter cover

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    Pics both inside and outside of the car including engine compartment as well as a complete list of maintenance history including receipts help determine premium pricing. It comes down to the actual condition of the car. Condition of the paint throughout the car... if everything checks out and you have paperwork from a very recent pre-purchase inspection showing the car is in excellent shape then you should be able to ask for premium pricing. I would say you could get away with asking for high teens if doing a private sale...

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    Should sell pretty well.

    The crazy money goes for the low mileage garage queens...I suggest you list it here at a BAT-inspired price modified for your mileage and see what happens.
    You can list it simultaneously on E46fanatics

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    Similar car (2006 ZHP coupe / MT / 108k miles) got $17,500 in BaT recently:
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    153,000 miles

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    Sent you a PM. Interested buyer

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    I would think 14-15k on a forum here or Craigslist. Possibly 16-17 on BAT.
    I’ve sold four of these over the last year. Just for reference I had a two owner black on black 2005 330ci zhp coupe 6 speed, no accidents, 129k, all maintenance done, no issues. Sold for 12.1. This was a year ago as well, prices have climbed a bit since.
    Current - 2005 330i ZHP - Black on Natural Brown, 2005 Volvo S60R - Passion Red, Looking for a Manual Imola Sedan

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    Thank you all for the recommendations! You guys are the best!!

    I think I might try BaT. Though looking through old pictures and sitting in it again I feel I'm really going to regret this, like my dad selling his Road Runner when I was born (why dad why?!?). The ZHP is the perfect sports car - Fast enough and classier than the M3 with better milage and reliability. Seats 4 comfortably, 5 in a pinch, with room to stow a 9' jig stick. Take it fishing one day, then to dinner in Beverly hills the next, where it gets compliments and front row valet treatment alongside cars 10x the price!

    It's going to be tough to let her go:
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