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Thread: FS 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Sedan 6MT SilverGray North Carolina

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    FS 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Sedan 6MT SilverGray North Carolina

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    For sale is a 2003 BMW 330i ZHP with 171k miles located in NC. This has primarily been a California car up until 2016 when I moved to FL, and then in 2018 I moved to NC. I have owned it since I was in college in 2009 when I bought it from the original owner. The VIN might show more than 2 owners because the car was originally in my dad’s name prior to transferring to my name, but I have been the only driver of the vehicle since 2009. The car has no moving accidents. It was backed into in a parking lot at like 5mph 4 years ago which required replacement of a fender and painting adjacent panels to blend…not even sure if that will show up on the Carfax report. At that time, I also had them repaint the front and rear bumper due to rock chips. I have all maintenance records since 2009 and the original window sticker. The exterior condition is in excellent condition for its age as you can tell by the photos. The Interior also looks to be in great shape for its age.

    The factory options include:
    Silvergrey exterior with grey interior
    Performance Package
    Power glass moonroof
    Heated front seats
    Harmon-Kardon sound system
    Aluminum cube interior trim

    Here is list of modifications to the vehicle, all completed under my ownership. The engine is completely stock.

    OEM M3 Strut Brace
    OEM M3 RTABS with Vorshlag Limiters
    OEM M3 Steering wheel (original alcantra wheel replaced due to being worn)
    Eibach pro kit springs with Koni Yellow Adjustables struts/shocks
    17x9 Apex ARC8
    TMS Swaybars with the Teflon bushings
    TFX Projector retrofit into existing OEM headlights (due to burnt zkw bowls)
    20% window tint
    OEM Aux Input
    Mobius dash cam
    Panavise phone mount
    Thule 753 roof rack (fits in OEM slots, does not scratch paint) will be included with a single bike carrier

    I want to be fully transparent in the sale of this vehicle and am disclosing all problems that I am aware of.
    -I’ve been adding a qt of oil between oil changes since ~2014 (must be leaking or burning oil somewhere, but I’ve never seen any fluid pooling or dripping beneath onto my garage floor)
    -the alcantra headliner fabric is beginning to loosen up in a few places
    -AC blows air, not cold. They recently recharged it and it started to blow cold again for a few months but now it isn't. So there must be a leak somewhere.
    -some of the rubber on the exterior has become brittle (as expected on an 18-year-old vehicle)

    Asking price: $9500 obo

    Heres the flickr link. I'm trying to figure out how to put the photos directly into the message board. If you know how please pm. Thank you!

    IMG_7147 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7148 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7146 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7144 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7143 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7142 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7141 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7140 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7139 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7136 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7135 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7133 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7132 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7131 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7130 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7128 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7126 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7125 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7124 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7123 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7122 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7121 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7120 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7119 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7118 by Nate, on Flickr

    IMG_7117 by Nate, on Flickr
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    PMd you

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    Sorry all. I’m just now responding to my pms. I don’t come on these forums much and thought I’d get emails when I would get a message but haven’t been. I’ll keep a better eye out here. Bump!

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