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    What EXACT parts are in ZHP suspension?

    Hello, I need to replace some parts on my 2003 330i ZHP suspension due to rust. I've been trying to find the exact part listing of what makes it a ZHP suspension but haven't found it just yet. I wouldn't want to replace a part with a non-ZHP part if possbile, even though eventually I will upgrade the suspension, but thats down the road. If I can replace these front and rear hubs etc from a normal E46 330i, it would be much easier to find the parts. ThanksName:  IMG_0182.jpg
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    Control arms and struts for the front

    Shocks for the rear.

    Those are the ones I can remember at the moment.

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    My suspension was refreshed last year, this is the list of parts :
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    The ZHP uses the regular sport suspension. The only thing that is different are the control arms, make sure to get the MSport ones.

    You can also upgrade to MSport suspension while refreshing to get a little more than the ZHP offered from factory:

    If you plan on going aftermarket anyway though it doesn't matter. Price-wise it's all similar anyway.
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