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Thread: What does it take...........

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    What does it take...........

    for you to finally swap over from a warm weather/summer wheel and tire setup to your winter wheel and tire setup?

    me personally: once the first frost on the windshield of the vehicles hits (happened 5-6 days ago here in northern KY) its time to switch.

    Ive got the fiancé's Clubman S and the ZHP to do. Her's is pretty quick and easy while the ZHP has the added step of adding spacers before putting the 135s back on.

    I usually wash all the wheels and then throw them in dry storage.
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    Since northern ish KY as well, I will be switching soon. For me it is almost always around Halloween or Thanksgiving.
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    November to April is winter tire time for me, without consideration for actual conditions.

    I'd rather get it done than to get hit with a surprise or for it to be too cold to want to bother. Snow outside of these date ranges is incredibly rare for us.

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    Halloween is usually to mark here in Denver as it is known to snow the day before. That’s typically my cue to do some routine maintenance and a good detail before putting it way for the winter. My 135s have more of an all season tire on them. Considering getting new spacers and running the car deeper into the year though, if the weather is decent.

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    I’ll just leave this here!

    If you have a newer one, you’ll relate.

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    ^ Haha ... I got that warning on my F30 yesterday. Tires are between 25 to 28 PSI.
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    Summer tires grip better than winter/all seasons right down to freezing temps, assuming it's dry. So there's no reason for me to switch here in NC.
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    Generally November to April. I check the temperatures and once it starts hitting the low 30s, it's time. Though it's not ideal as sometimes there are very few snow days during the winter season, and usually the streets are plowed and clear by the time I get on them. So that's half the year on snow tires.

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    Within next couple of weeks probably. Have 2 E46s, and may use the convertible’s summer wheels(Z4) as winter wheels for ZHP. Have been looking for another set, but haven’t had much luck. Already bought Blizzaks. Have a total of 4 cars that will get Blizzaks. They do work!

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    I never switch here in VA.

    I just park the ZHP and use the Explorer or VR4 (it has a winter set) in the winter when the roads are icy. But if it's clear out and the roads are good, I just take the ZHP and drive normally.

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