Conflicted, but need to sell my ZHP. I'm the second owner, took over in 2013. Majority of miles were warm California suburb freeways where it spent the first 10 years / 144k miles. It was raised well by the original owner-enthusiast parked next to an M5 and 1M. I gave it the best life I could up in Oregon, it's been my dream car for the past 8 years. I'm selling now to embrace a one car family for a while, and as fun as this is, it isn't that car.

subtle mods include:
20% rear / 50% side tint
12.5f /15r mm spacers
Gloss black Grill
sunshade delete
Yakima rack and Bike mount.

Latest Maintenance:
Just finished full cooling system refresh last month (belts/pullies, waterpump, thermostat, radiator, tank)
New Bosch wipers 192k
New hawk front brakes and rotors 190k, (rears done at 120k)
Oil change, spark plugs, filter at 188k
Airbag recall completed 180k
Preventative Double Vanos process done at 160k
Starter Replaced 155k
Fuel pump and filter 155k
DME flashed to 2014 most recent version 150k
Koni FSD shocks and Hotchkis anti-roll bar at 120k (front control arms and bushings replaced as well)
Over 8 years all 4 window regulars have been replaced.
Tires have about 5k on them.

A-pillar Alcantara is loose, easiest just to replace both pillars, I believe.
Side mirrors didn't hold up to the California sun, paint is oxidized/faded
Buffer got away from a detailer and have some marks on the passenger handles.
Portland's crowned streets and steep driveways aren't great for the front bumper, several scrape marks.

Clean title, Stop and go fender bender on Carfax from 1st owner (2010, bumper, hood, fog light replaced) no evidence visually or in performance. Drives true and corners brilliantly.

I know the miles are high, but the car feels still feels young. I can take it you have any feedback. I'm super reluctant to post this, so powering through, sorry if I missed anything.