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    Front end refresh recommendations @ 100k

    I'm looking for some suggestions from the "experts" on my '05 330icc (ZHP) auto with 100k on the clock.

    I bought this car back is 2012 with 25k miles on it, with just 1 owner. Now 9 years later & @100k miles, I feel like it's time for a front-end refresh.

    I replaced the Front Control Arm bushings about 40k miles ago with the FCP Euro Meyle HD ones. My question is: at what miles are these cars ready for the new front suspension components?
    I have checked the moving control points with the front end off the ground & everything seems tight. However, when on the ground, I can hear a slight "knocking noise" but can't find where it is. So, with that said, I thought it's that time.

    So what do you recommend? FCPEuron has ZHP kits on sale here

    What say you?
    '05 330CiC w/ZHP option Semper Fi!

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    2006 330ci ZHP - Silbergrau Metallic / Stoff Laser/Anthrazit / Alu Black Cube trim / Adaptive Xenon headlights / HK hi-fi system / heated front seats

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    My suspension was refreshed at 150k miles. I still hear a clunking noise, very likely it's the differential bushings. This is the list of parts used:
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    157,000 miles

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