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    Took my car on a 3,000 mile road trip! Documented the whole thing. Enjoy!

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    That's awesome! In October, 2020 my wife and I took my '04 cabrio on a week-long leaf-peeping trip Atlanta-Asheville-Meadows of Dan (VA)-White Sulpher Springs (WV)-Charlotte-Atlanta that totaled 1,400 miles (with side journeys). Lots of miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway and other scenic passages so we moved pretty slow on average. Weather allowed us to have the top down much of the drive too. It was chilly but the sun was out a lot so windows up plus the windscreen kept us very comfortable. These cars are perfect for road trips!

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    Did a similar road trip back in summer 2019 with a buddy. 3000 miles exploring the deep south. I kept more of a multimedia blog on Telegram so I can't post all the stuff I recorded like live locations and videos but here are a few pics of the cars along our journey. If you have not yet taken a long road trip in the E46 I highly recommend it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zkramez View Post
    You didn't find a buyer in your travels did you?

    Is it still for sale? Is a manual swap still a possibility?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galapolis View Post
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    That side-by-side just reaffirms how much better looking the E46 is compared to the F22 IMO...
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    Quote Originally Posted by az3579 View Post
    That side-by-side just reaffirms how much better looking the E46 is compared to the F22 IMO...

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