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    Wheel fitment question

    I placed an order for ec-7 18x8.5 et35 for my coupe zhp, square set up. Wish I could go with something wider and more aggressive without doing any modification. I really wanted to go as = aggressive as possible but as per apex that is the most I could go. Do any of you have been able to go more aggressive than that with stock suspension?

    These are the other options

    Front & Rear 18x9" ET30 or ET31 with 245/35-18 tires
    Requires at least 2 degrees of front negative camber.
    May require front spacers with certain aftermarket suspensions, see below.
    May require front bumper trimming to prevent rubbing.
    Requires rolled rear fenders to prevent rubbing.

    Front & Rear: 18x9" ET42 with 245/35-18 tires
    Direct fit.
    Available in ARC-8, ARC-8R, and EC-7R designs only.
    May require front spacers with certain aftermarket suspensions, see below.
    255/35-18 tires can be used, but will require front negative camber.

    Front & Rear: 18x9.5" ET35 with 255/35-18 tires
    Requires at least -3 degrees of front negative camber.
    May require front spacers with certain aftermarket suspensions, see below.
    Front fender roll recommended.
    Requires rear fender roll.
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    What does "aggressive" mean, to you - fatter & shorter sidewall?
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    Yes, plus more concave. I have an e92 m3 and i love the look of the rear wheels so much that got an extra rears for a square setup as well. So basically I'm trying to copy the same look of comp wheels.

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    I had 18x9.5 et 35 with Hankook tires 245/35/18 , with bc coilovers . Left the original height the bc coil overs came with . Fenders were rolled. Planning to join the group buy also . Need a new set for the current car I have .

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    You could probably just run the 18x9 since it is profile 2 already. No point in going any larger. It's not until 18x10 that it's profile 3 (at least for the EC-7) which, will definitely not fit without a lot of modification. I think if you run the 18x9 with 245s on stock suspension you should be alright. At most, minor fender rolling.

    I wish that size was available when I was fitting the wheels on my coupe. I went with ARC8 18x9.5 et35 w/ 255/35/18 square set up. Needed fender rolling. I flattened the front and rear lip as much as possible and also cut some of the rear bumper. But I was also kind of low lol

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    This is the reply I got from apex but I definitely want to go with EC 7, I'm not a fan of the ARC 8. At this point I'm not sure if I should just stay with 188.5 although I really want to go with 18x9 but don't want to run negative camber. I don't mind rolling fenders anymore but I still don't understand cutting the bumper, what do you guys have to cut, the actual bumper or fender liners?

    Hey there,

    Thank you for pledging! At any time you can navigate to the deal or "my deals" then hit edit deal and then review/edit and you should be able to change your configuration.

    Regarding fitment, the 18x9" EC-7 only comes in an ET31 offset while the ARC-8 model comes in an ET30. Fitment is essentially interchangeable between the two. The EC-7 will be a profile 2 medium concavity in that size and the ARC-8 will be profile 3 deep concavity. This is a very aggressive fitment and not really recommended. The 18x9" ET42 (only available in the ARC-8 model) is a far better option as it is typically a direct fit with stock suspension and a 255 width tire. The 18x9" ET30 will require negative camber via aftermarket camber plates up front, may need fender liner or bumper trimming, and will need rolled rear fenders. It really isn't an ideal fitment and is only recommended for those looking for a very flush/aggressive look with added camber. The ET42 is a far better choice in terms of performance and maintaining a streetable alignment. Unfortunately -2 degrees of camber will affect inner tire wear if only used on the street without serious hard cornering to even it out.



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    during compression sometimes, it hits the edges of the bumper where it connects to the fender. In the rear, the most likely thing you will cut is the stud that holds that little clip that holds the corner of the bumper up. I'm pretty sure I totally cut mines off. Then the edges of the bumper along that side, depending on how low you are. On the front I didn't have an issue with the bumper, but it's the liner. The liner comes down at a steeper angle than the fender does, so under compression, it'll just scrape on the liner a lot. Just cut the part where it goes vertical from the fender to the highest point. Of course, still rolled both fenders.

    I did have negative camber, but it was just the natural negative camber due to how low I was. It was maxed out at the min settings with -1.8r/-2.4f and that's with adjustable camber arms and plates.

    Personally, I don't like the EC-7s profile 1. It's too flat looking. It looks best as profile 3 tbh, but that's not possible without modification on the E46.

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    I agree with you about the profile 1 flatness but I was told it is a profile 2 in the caese of 18x8.5. I would like something even with more but it looks like it won't be possible in my case. My suspension is completely stock, I'm really considering going with 18x9 et30 even if I have to do -2 camber which I'm still hoping I actually don't have the need to do it.

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    Now I see 18x8.5 is profile 1 and 18x9 is profile 2. I would definitely try to go with 9 as I want some concavity. I know I wouldn't like profile 1 at all.

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    Well, I switched from ec7 18x8.5 to ec7 18x9 et31 and hope I don't have to deal with neg camber. I'm willing to roll the fenders but will be going with low profile tires 245/35/18.

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