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View Poll Results: What did you do with your ZHP when it was no longer your daily driver?

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  • Sold it. No reason to have it languish. It needs a good home that will use it.

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  • Kept it. It's like one of my kids, never gonna sell it even if I only drive it a few times a year

    4 80.00%
  • Kept it in the family (gave to wife/kids)

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  • Other.

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    Keep it in the family at a minimum. Since I bought my current one 7 years ago, I put MAYBE a few thousand on it a year bought it with 89k and itís got roughly 110k now) and itís not driven during winter 3-4 months a year. Itís a secondary ďfunĒ vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by san View Post
    Iíd say keep it since you said the registration and insurance costs donít matter.

    Keep it for another year or so and then decide. If every now and then you donít feel the itch the take the zhp out then you wonít miss it when you sell.

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    I am thinking this will be the path for me. I was pushing myself to make a decision before registration is due in June, mainly because (at this point) I really prefer driving the Bronco. But I don't know if that is just the "newness" of it or if I actually will still like it better 6 months from now.

    I can say that with all the cameras on the Bronco, I am able to park this thing much easier than I would have every expected. Backing up into a spot is super easy with the backup camera and sight lines.

    I will also reach out to family to see if someone would be interested in her.
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    Good choice on the Bronco with the manual - it’s definitely a fun vehicle, but a different fun than the ZHP. If you can, keep them both around amd switch things up every once in a while - and you’ll have soemthig to drive while the Bronco is in the shop (for a lift, of course)
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    I just bought a ZHP 6 Speed convertible as a weekend cruiser. I daily a 19 Porsche Cayenne S. I love the Cayenne but the ZHP is a completely different driving experience. I was also on the fence about having it as a second vehicle but I find that I take the ZHP out as often as I can and more often than I had expected. Keep it for at least a year to see if you end up using it more than you would expect. If not, them sell it.
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