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    2005 ZHP Fabric Seats--- where can inner fabric be purchased?

    My saga in replacing the alcantara fabric continues ...

    I discovered that the alcantara fabric "9002 anthracite" nearly matched the original slightly faded fabric. The upholsterer damaged the inner panel with a very small tear. He claimed that he did not do it ... but he did. So now I have to have this repaired. I found an individual who supposedly specializes in fixing tears like this. So in three days, she take a look at it and see what magic she can perform.

    My recommendation to everyone, should you be retaining a portion of the upholster element go over the condition of the item thoroughly with the upholsterer to avoid any potential dispute.

    Bottom line, I'm stuck with trying to remedy the problem.


    Does anyone know if this inner panel fabric can be purchased? and what is it called? My initial searches are yielding nothing ... just alcantara.

    I tend to think that I will have to live with whatever the specialty person can rectify. I had to wait for months for this project to be completed only to face damage and the back plastic part of the seat is not attached properly. The upholsterer stated that he would correct the back plastic attachment by gluing it. Why in the world didn't he do this to begin with. Now I have to remove the seat again and wait for it to be corrected. He states one day but he said two days to recover the bolsters which turned into 3.5 months. The most unfavorable experience ever. Unfortunately I have to deal with the upholsterer again to have the back re-attached. VENTING!

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    It's known as "Cloth/Laser Anthracite" - BMW upholstery code G7AT.
    2006 330ci ZHP - Silbergrau Metallic / Stoff Laser/Anthrazit / Alu Black Cube trim / Adaptive Xenon headlights / HK hi-fi system / heated front seats

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    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    It's known as "Cloth/Laser Anthracite" - BMW upholstery code G7AT.

    John, thank you ... I was having no luck. Now I need to see if I can find a supplier. This is just a back=up plan in the event that the upholsterer specialist cannot adequately repair the tear.

    This whole experience has been a nightmare. The recovered bolsters with alcantara look perfect ... its the ancillary issues that are maddening.

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