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    Cool Myles' Titanium Silver 330i ZHP Restore Project

    Hi All!

    I had been searching for a titanium silver, with cube/black interior, that was also an automatic. Finally came across one not too far from me. It was taken care of by a previous owner that was a member on here until about 120k miles, which was taken care of in detail. It is now at around 176k miles, and touch and go mechanical upkeep vs. fully active service schedules from the latest owners.

    it's going to be quite a project to restore!

    Interior items I'm looking for:
    - New steering wheel with the M cover...thinking of Colby wheel + buying the M cover part
    - Leather shift knob
    - E- Brake handle (leather worn)
    - Armrest needed, totally missing!
    - Rear Ashtray
    - Rear Speaker deck (sun damage, it's purple)
    - Center Console
    - Black Storage box trim around gear selector.
    - Volume button base part to correct looseness
    -BMW OEM Floormats
    - A/B/C Pillars ( like new please, no fabric fail)
    - Headliner - New, but will probably get repaired it upholstery shop

    Exterior items I'm looking for:
    - Windshield cowel
    - Gloss Shadowline Trim (first round will be the large pieces on each side)
    - Rear inner tail lights, older faded.
    - Xenons are flickering, will diagnose.
    - Damaged passenger fender... best way to replace?
    -Cover for front bumper
    - Repaint the car as clear coat is having an issue with sun
    - parking lights, they are a bit loose/older.

    Going to the mechanic this week for at least:
    - Oil pan gasket
    -transmission selector seal leak
    - New rear brakes
    - play in steering wheel (thinking it's the guibo, I hope)
    - Shocks for hood
    +Who knows what else... I may regret such an impulse buy :-)

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    If you're going to upholstery for the headliner, might as well just make them wrap the pillars.
    Rear fender, might be possible to PDR. But if you're going to paint for the clear coat, then make them fix it at the same time lol
    same with the tow hook cover, have them order and paint it at the same time

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    Congrats, car looks very clean. It's a good idea to replace these 2 parts with the oil pan gasket repair:

    Engine mounts = P/N 22116779970
    Steering coupler = P/N 32301094703

    The shop will lower the subframe to replace the OPG. The above parts can be installed without extra labor cost.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    153,000 miles

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    Welcome! Is the center armrest missing because it looks like it, or because it was purposely deleted?

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    Thanks for this! It's going to the shop in the morning, will make sure to add that to the list.

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    I think someone might have tried to repair the leather, got mad, and ripped it out. The mounting piece is fine, but the O rings on the end of the armrest are still there, but looks like they tore off the leather part of it. Will remove those old O ring pieces and install a new armrest lid! Definitely where I would rest my elbow naturally.. I figured out the hard way driving lol.

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    Does anyone here know which headliner part # is the factory in a ZHP sedan anthracite interior? The dealer is pulling the part #s and getting 51447028575 costing $1100 and then 51442699106 costing around $800. They have the exact same description, labeled Schwartz, he was confused as to why as well. Is this the same thing? (I would plan to buy this direct to save money, but trying to find the right part.)

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    Update on progress, Part I complete.

    Mechanical repairs done...

    Valve Cover Gasket
    Oil Plan Gasket - Between these two gaskets , they had quite the oil mess to clean up.
    Transmission Gear Selector Shaft Seal
    Spark Plugs
    Engine Mounts
    Steering Rack Boots
    Steering Guibo - Drives like new, had so much play in wheel before thanks so much @fredo
    New Xenon bulbs for brightness
    Hood Shocks... it would just fall.
    ....$4100 later *cries*

    (thank goodness cooling system was done recently!)

    Next mechanically( 1-2 years... struts and shocks are in the plan as they are leaky and worn.)

    Before and After pics :-)

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    Now on to the fun week is:

    Repaint and restore front bumper
    Fix the Fender bender
    Repaint other fender (heavy pitting)
    Repaint Roof
    Repaint Rear Bumper
    Fix key scratches on rear
    Wrapped Shadowline Gloss Trim!
    Another $4k down. :-()

    Interior I've ordered:
    steering wheel
    Shift Knob
    Ash Tray in rear
    OEM floor mats

    PT III.... which will be TBD lol

    Headliner.. I can deal with the pushpins up there now lol.
    ABC Pillars
    Drivers seat leather repair

    ...and then I think I'm done for a while... I hope

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    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    153,000 miles

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    Congrats! Some good progress going on, keep us posted!

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