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    Update here! The shop's fancy $270 inspection missed that the front brake rotors had rust and that was causing the braking issue, so I replaced the rear brakes for no reason they said, $650 bucks wasted. I am now taking it to my original shop I like, this shop was just known for preventative inspections that were in-depth.

    My old shop will now be doing:

    Front brake rotors and pads
    Bilstein B6 rear shocks that go with the new front end suspension.
    Potential Oil filter housing gasket leaking (already did VCG and oil pan, what other gasket could it be lol)

    Total excluding Oil filter is $1786.

    So I'm now at 5.5K for price of car + 4.4k R1 of repairs + 5.6k R2 of repairs + $1.8k for R3 of repairs + $1.5k interior replacements (steering wheels, leather parts etc.) = $18.8K within the three months since I bought.

    It still needs.... paint work, rims need to be restored as some curb rash/paint peel

    $4.6k paint
    $1k estimated for rim restore
    $1k for new pillars and headliner.

    so we are looking at this 176k mile ZHP costing me right about $25K, I sold my 2019 330i I owed $28k LOL. I will never sell this car. I'm way too invested at this point.

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    If someone could say, the ZHP is better than that 2019 and will last forever now, that would be nice right about now

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    Just think about the smiles per gallon you will get. Priceless.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    1k for rim repair? isn't it like $150/wheel?

    Man, these numbers show how much I have been saving because I try to DIY everything and also have access to parts discounts lol

    of course, it's better than the 2019 lol

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    Yeah, it's pricey... but I also got it done here in SoCal, Nashville would have been cheaper if I would have gotten it there by now. + I used two of the top BMW private shops in LA area. (Avus, recommend! PhD... would not fool with them again)

    The paint work and the rims are going to take a back seat unless I see any progression in paint issue, maybe next year.

    Saving to buy a new house. Once that's done, will go into aesthetics more. (exception on aesthetics I will do the headliner/pillars I can't stand the sagging in rear view mirror.)

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    Yeah, I guess those prices would make sense. My friend got quotes to replace the HPFP on M240i and it was ~$400, just labor. Takes like at most 2 hours your first time DIY and you have all the tools. We just DIYed it today inside a parking garage lol I told him it would be easy as shit.

    Nice. I understand that. I am doing the same thing. Plus, I don't really want to street park when all my next round of mods might make the car more attractive to would be thieves. Need a garage lol

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    Update, Oil filter housing didn't have a leak woot, no oil leaks

    However... my fuel gauge started acting wonky.... car back in the shop for a new fuel level sender & Fuel Pump so I don't run out of gas.

    Attempted to test the cluster, but the right push button is broken... assuming I need to have a dealer order a cluster and code it to the car so it's 100% working and I get the red needles back (they faded to this ugly orange)

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    Does anyone have any idea what this noise is? It sounds right underneath dashboard, like a humming noise. It get's louder and louder as time goes on.

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    Finally got my gas needle fluctuation fixed! New fuel pump on passenger side and fuel sender on driver back seat area.

    The shop couldn't figure out what the above noise is, it's really light now/comes and goes.

    Wish me luck on this cross-country roadtrip from CA! Fingers crossed with new front/rear brakes, fluid, great tires, all the oil engine gaskets new, suspension (front and back), and even brake lines, expansion tank, hoses, engine/transmission mounts, trailing arm bushings, and the list goes on in the last 600 miles that we will be in great shape to make it out there.

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    good stuff

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