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    FS: 2004 BMW 330i ZHP

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    I am still in the preparing the car for sale and will post a link to a pictures album once everything is ready.

    For sale is my 2004 BMW 330i ZHP Imola/Alcantara 6mt. The car is equipped with cold weather package (heated seats and fold-down rear seats!), black cube trim, has some aftermarket upgrades, and includes new parts with sale.

    Overall a comfortable and exceptionally capable sporty car. It shows itís age on the exterior and drivers seat, but is still in great condition. I purchased the car with 124,533 miles from the previous owner near San Jose in July 2020. Carfax shows a clean title and a minor accident (rear end low speed collision caused paint damage to the rear bumper).

    Located near Sacramento, CA and nearing 145,000 miles asking $15,000. $100 will be donated to the forum whether itís sold here or somewhere else. If you prefer to have the car closer to stock, we can work on the price. I intended to have everything easily reversible when I was buying my desired upgrades.

    I have my pre purchase inspection and might be able to find a carfax report from when I was in the process of buying this car in 2020. All maintenance parts are OE or Genuine BMW.

    Upgrades include: Dinan front strut brace, Bilstein struts, Eibach springs, Ground Control camber plates, CAtuned adjustable sway bar end links, 17x9 et42 Apex ARC-8ís with fairly new 255/40 Falken Azenis RT615k+ all around. I have the original style 135ís powder coated black I can add on (needs tires) and a set of 135ís from an e60 (18x8 et20 with 245/40R18 all around) I can add on as well. It has a 72mm big bore throttle body, AVIN double din head unit with wireless CarPlay and Dynavin A/C relocation bracket. 70% front 15% rear 3M Ceramic IR window film and a brand new Genuine BMW windshield.

    Parts included in the sale are headlight lenses and gaskets, various bushings, power steering reservoir, cap, and feed and return lines, hood latches, and potentially more that I canít remember right now.

    Maintenance Iíve performed since purchasing the car in 2020: Spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, fuel pump, starter, alternator, battery, full cooling system including radiator minus hard lines, upper and lower intake boots, M3 motor mounts and non-M transmission mounts, rear shock mounts, both belts, pulleys and tensioners, OFHG, oil temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, vanos oil line, G.A.S. DISA rebuild, Textar pads and Zimmerman rotors all around, inner and outer tie rods and boots, front and rear brake pad wear sensors, brake booster vacuum line, engine and cabin air filters, windshield cowl, windshield, hood and trunk struts, differential and transmission fluid flush with RedLine 75w90 and MTL and new plugs, A/C recharge, and a handful of alignments.

    What the car needs: rear view mirror is from a Z4 (low profile clown nose)and needs to be repinned for auto dimming and garage opening functionality, interior pillars fabric sagging, driver side rear spring perch is a little squeaky, driver window regulator makes clunky noises sometimes, sunroof has trouble closing once opened, so I left it closed during my ownership (no leaks), power steering reservoir leak (new parts included with sale), subtle wobble from front end felt in the steering wheel around 50mph only sometimes (maybe driver side FCAB?), clear coat on vertical surfaces and plastics failing (roof rails, door handles, trunk spoiler, trunk handle, and roof all have some issues), rear bumper has minor paint damage from being hit, hood has a paint chip under/on the edge of the BMW badge (I had it repainted and it must not have been prepped properly), new thermostat seems to have a slow leak (buildup of dried blue residue around the sensor), valve cover gasket has a very slow oil leak above the VANOS, oil pan gasket is unknown condition and has just started leaving small oil marks on the ground, various door dings and small scratches/love marks.

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