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    Rotating Assembly and DSC Codes

    Hey guys been a little while, but back to working on the ZHP and getting it back to a good sporting condition. Having some issues and dealing with Mechanic trust issues.

    Took care in for the following when my clutch went out, they had it for a month, and its back to me running worse than when I brought it in other than the shifter.
    - Clutch (UUC unit w/ Lightweight flywheel. Replaced friction surface and did the organic clutch)
    - Rear main
    - Shifter rebuild (17 year old UUC Evo3)
    - Guibo
    - Differential Mounts and Trans mounts (Revshift 90A Durometer)
    - CCV system (to cold weather, my breather was broken badly)

    I was told that car was test driven prior to me getting there, but within 200' of driving it, stumbled, ran rough and threw DSC and brake codes (both orange) and ran horribly all the way home. Sounds off like its down a cylindar or periodically missfiring, or.... and this is my bigger concern may also have vibrations from the clutch assembly. I was told that the clutch didn't need to be balanced.... and now I'm worried that it did in fact need to be.... I'm hoping that fixing the rough engine will resolve the vibration, but if not... I'm out 3k in labor and will need to pay someone else to pull the clutch, balance it, and reinstall it.

    For context I'm in Austin Texas now.

    PS - Never buy direct from UUC... they are trash... they don't deserve to be in service as a direct supplier lol I would say go through Turner as they have their parts and actually care.
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    Sorry you're dealing with all of these problems. A guy on the m3 forums and here (George Hill) has a lot of experience with BMWs, and especially e46's, is in/near Austin, TX. Maybe give them a try (hopefully that first shop wasn't them).

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    You need to be able to read codes to be better informed - and to help us help you... What codes are you getting?

    You also need to find a non-dealer BMW specialist that you can trust . If you don't trust this one, find another one.

    I would bring it back to the mech that did the work and ask him to fix it.

    On the clutch shuddering issues, Did you have a lightweight flywheel and UUC disc before? Or was it stock before? A lot of people describe a different feel and new noises after replacing with non-stock clutch components.

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