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    DME/EWS alignment, ISN reading

    I recently purchased a 2004 Alpine White over Alcantara as a backup/daily driver (05/04 build date). The car came with only 1 aftermarket
    key. I wanted a spare key as I do with all of my other cars, so I purchased a new key from the local dealer and initialized the remote functions and attempted to start the car. No crank/No start. I checked all of the EWS functions and found that the aftermarket key and new factory key were using the same key number? strange I thought, so I purchased a new EWS from the dealer as well, thinking this would alleviate the duplicate key number issue if I never used the aftermarket key with the new EWS. Not the case...

    Now with a new EWS programmed and a new factory remote key, the engine cranks, but won't start. I can run the EWS rolling code calibration in INPA, PA Soft and Tool32 and the EWS and DME will not sync random codes so that the engine can be started. In INPA I get the message "Startwert nicht verstanden". Am I missing something with coding or is there a function I can run with Tool32 or WINKFP to reset the ISN or rolling code to get the new factory key to work?

    I found this thread and I'm curious if anyone can shed some light on reading the ISN and changing it to match the EWS with this tool? I'm proficient with NCSExpert and PASoft but not so much with WinKFP and TOOL32. Trying to get a factory key working without having to go with an EWS delete via Kassel or AA. any help is appreciated!

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    I'm not very familiar with that stuff, but someone will chime in soon. Good luck!

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