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    Best Used Part Site

    Howdy all, my 2005 ZHP sedan needs a windshield replacement and it was discovered that the prior owner completely messed up the rear view mirror so i need a replacement for it as well. The part is around $600 on the various sites which seems crazy for a rear view mirror. Was curious if any of you have suggestions on a site that may have quality used parts.

    The part number is 51 16 7 115 776.

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    The part number that my shop gave me is 51 16 7 115 776 which goes for around $600. But I found part number 51 15 9 218 046 on Turner for $230 and it says fits E46 330i M54. Are you any familiar with that mirror? I'm thinking maybe doesn't have auto dimming or some other feature which makes it cheaper?

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    Check this link for additional info about those 2 mirrors.
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    Re: your original question - aside from eBay or forum classifieds, I’ve found some items via
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    Reach to forum member: ///Mark_D on the e46fanatics site...He has a dozen rear view mirrors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilot05 View Post
    Reach to forum member: ///Mark_D on the e46fanatics site...He has a dozen rear view mirrors.
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    Thanks to all that responded with the helpful info. I have reached out to Mark D.....fingers crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElNiko View Post
    Thanks to all that responded with the helpful info. I have reached out to Mark D.....fingers crossed
    Hey, I just joined so I could reply back, I saw you messaged me over on E46 fanatics, but I couldn't PM you back since you need 10 posts or more.

    I have quite a few mirrors on hand, but none of the exact part number you're looking for. My 2004 Sedan had the same mirror you're looking for, but I sold it a while back in favor of upgrading to a mirror with homelink, compass and a low profile clown nose.

    The SOS features are no longer functional due to BMW discontinuing the service. It used old 2G cell service which is long obsolete. Unless you're wanting to keep your car all original, or just like the way the SOS mirror looks, there's no reason to tie yourself to that type of mirror.

    There are a handful of other mirrors that are direct plug and play that you could use. The only issue is that since your car originally had SOS, you have to pull four pins on your car's mirror connector to prevent damaging the autodim feature on non-SOS mirrors. SOS cars supply voltage over pins 4,5,6, and 7, that need to be disconnected or they'll supply too much voltage to the auto-dimming feature, and basically cause the mirror to go dark permanently.

    I've upgrade both of my E46's to mirrors with the homelink garage door opener, integrated compass, and smaller clown nose from an E9x. This type of mirror plugged in directly to my '02 wagon which was non SOS, and I did the four pin delete mod to my '04 sedan which originally had SOS. I also have a mirrors with homelink, compass, and standard size clown nose. A few pics are below showing the difference between the large vs small clown nose. One other difference, is that on the later style mirrors with the low profile clown nose, the compass is hidden behind the mirror glass and shines through from behind, whereas the earlier style with the large clown nose has a clear window in the mirror that shows the compass LEDs.

    If you're interested in either of these types let me know. Otherwise I have a few with no compass, or no homelink. And one with clown nose delete but still has autodim. The full list of what I've got is on the thread over at E46 fanatics, I still have at least one of each type I listed there.

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    Hi Mark, thank you so much for signing up on the site and replying back! Good news is that my shop found one locally at good price so I am all set. If that falls through I will definitely let you know. Thanks again for the follow-up and very cool that you have an 02 wagon.

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    That's great you found one, glad you'll be back up and running soon.

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