I have been so saddled with other projects, the details of which are too much to share, my baby has been a neglected workhorse. I'm even 1k miles over my oil change interval, and that never happens.

This. Ends. Now.

On the agenda: oil change, clutch replacement, rear main replacement, complete rear suspension (struts already done), differential fluid, alignment, headlight, tail light, and side marker light restoration, clutch lever bushings, and all the extra work that comes with the aforementioned and "while you're in there" things that need to get done.

Things down the line: westfalia hitch installation (still having trouble procuring one I can afford), front bumper plastics, outside air temperature sensor, fog light replacement.

This car's coming back, sitting right at 176k miles. I'm sorry I left you so long, you've been so good to me.

Been putting it off for a while