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There are mixed opinions on that. Locking in the rear mounts will reduce stress on the front mounts as well. Whether that's enough for you is your choice. I've also read that non-folding sedans and convertibles have extra reinforcements on the front mounts. Not sure how true that is. ZHPizza has front cups like on the Vincebar (maybe he can post some pics) if you are looking for a 100% worry-free solution.
I don't see any cracks after 175k miles. The issue I see is I don't think I can get the parts in, welded, put back together, and aligned in a reasonable timeframe.

Right now the best option is looking like simply re-installing the subframe with the new bushings, getting 4 new tires, and then doing the alignment. I could then re-do this down the road some time. If I saw obvious cracks or splitting of welds now, I would be more adamant about getting this done, but as it is, I don't see anything.

I have other work I need to get done on the car, chiefly the pulling and re-installing of the transmission with the new clutch, and then sorting out the front bumper and associated plastics which seem to be disintegrating.