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Thread: Dynavin 8

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    Dynavin 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Dynavin
    Hello everyone, my name is Mario form Dynavin. As we all know, Dynavin has been in the high-end in car audio head unit business for a long time. Even we've tested many radios from China, Japan, and Germany. We admit there's head unit that simultaneously integrates with the vehicle software and electronics while simultaneously offering a large high-definition display, that allows the user to install apps, customize it to their liking, and offers wireless apple carplay and android auto while still delivering high quality sound. It's sad that even our N7 head unit doesn't support all these features. However after 3 years of research and development, Dynavin is set to release their Dynavin 8 platform in March 2022. It has all the aforementioned features and specifications, at a price that's unbeatable. The Dynavin 8 platform is based on android, and unlike other head units which rely solely on high CPU performance, the Dynavin 8 relies on perfectly harmonized hardware and software to deliver the best user experience, a perfect display, and an optimized sound system.
    Not gonna translate this whole video, but here are some highlights:

    "To keep the boot time as low as possible after you've turned off the vehicle, we put the android system into sleep mode. It requires almost no electricity from the car battery, but offers nearly instantaneous booting after starting the car"

    I'm looking for higher quality audio in my car, but I like the stock head unit. I don't want to install the navigation-based unit which apparently has better audio quality, but I'm not going to go that route.

    I wish there were a single-din unit like the Dynavin.
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    Have you looked into the bluebus? Streaming audio quality is awesome and you keep the factory head unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PdZHP View Post
    Have you looked into the bluebus? Streaming audio quality is awesome and you keep the factory head unit.
    I currently have the GROM installed. The issue is the preamp in the head unit I believe. The units with navigation had a better preamp/DAC/whatever is in the head unit. Aftermarket units are better, but look shit. The Dynavin is the only one that fits the bill but it's a double-din unit, and I wish so badly BMW would bring something similar to Porsche's Classic Radio.
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