Been a while but I've been on this page a long time and I still have my BSM/Natural ZHP.

DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth) area.

Wanted to let the ZHP crew know I'm aware of 2 nice local manual sedans for sale.

One is silver on gray, under 100k as I recall. I drove it. Clutch and a/c are fine. Seller knows cars and maintenance. I scanned it w/ Carly. A bunch of codes. I suggested he do a drive cycle and re-scan.

The other is red on Alcantara (NICE Alcantara). Have not seen in person but looks to be in AMAZING shape. 150k miles.

Apologies if y'all are already well aware of both. Message me if you want further info. They're not my cars therefore I'm not going to post in classifieds on this site.

Recap for those under 40 (oh hell yeah, y'all know who you are but you haven't read this far down anyway):

- Sedans - Manual transmissions - message me.