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    Getting key replacement for wheel locks for e46

    A tire shop overtighten a wheel nut with the wheel key resulting in the key's head being threaded off. The damage key has the ABC 32 stamping on it and it is a 16 spline rib. Now, I can not get any of my wheels off for a tire replacement. Is getting a new key replacement usually available at the local BMW dealership(prefer to get it here fast same day, if it's just $20) or a BMW indy shop can take off the wheel nuts remaining with their keys? I tried calling Autozone, Napa and Oreilly this weekend and they don't carry these.

    Attached is a new key picture.
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    I feel your pain and hope you can locate a new correct key.

    Just on a side note; Iíve been using McGard wheel locks for years with no issues. Great wheel locks from my Hometown of Buffalo, NY. Once you receive the new locks, you register the set with them. Replacement keys are always available and with propriety shipping if required.

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    Your big box stores won't have the BMW keys. Most dealerships have the entire complement of keys, so if in stock at there you're set - otherwise they can usually get parts from the warehouse in a day or two.
    You/the indy shop risk damaging the wheels without the key.
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    I lost my key once and was in a similar position. If you have the key number you can get a replacement at the dealer.

    In my case I just removed the lock by force without the key since I was in a rush. It is very easy to do by modifying a slightly undersized socket. I got rid of my BMW lock set after that because that whole ordeal made me realize that the lock set is pretty much useless and can be easily bypassed in a matter of minutes.
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    Exactly. Do what the wheel thieves do and hammer a smaller socket on there. The 10 second wheel lock tool lol

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    I agree that having wheel locks can provide a false sense of security. If it just slows the offender down or lessen the chance of being stranded. Anyways, I got a new key from the dealership and the tire shop damaged the new key also since the nut was tightened so much. The tire shop had to do a workaround where they use a tool to grab and destroy the remaining nuts to get the wheels off so they can change the tires. I'm going with new set of radius wheel locks this time. I've used wheel locks for the last 20 years and this is the first time I had problem due to excessive tightening. The lock nut will be manually screwed going forward to prevent this scenario.

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