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    Brake Warning Light Question

    Howdy from Texas to the ZHP forum!

    The brake pad sensor light on my ZHP sedan came on earlier in the week. I was able to reset the light so currently it is clear. I am positive it is related to my front pads as I had the rear pads replaced around 6 months ago.

    My question is how from your experience how much more pad life do I have before I start to deal with rotor damage? Ideally trying to hold off on repair costs right now. Unfortunately I am not too mechanically inclined so replacing myself not a good idea. I also have a Mini Cooper S as my daily so could also limit driving too much in the ZHP in the meantime.

    I appreciate any feedback.


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    Bump, any feedback would be much appreciated!
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    How much pad life you have remaining depends on how thick the pads are, their type & your driving style. If you're worried about the extra cost of buying/installing rotors, change the pads & wear sensor now. It's very easy if you have some tools & a way to get the font end of the car off the ground. Plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to do it. Good luck!
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    Yeah, too many variables for anyone here to comment. You can take a gamble on how long to drive past the wear sensor lighting up, or take the wheel off and periodically check how close the backing plates are to the rotors.
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