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    BMW Mechanics hate him for this one simple trick.

    Does your armrest squeak or creak when you lay your arm on it? Do your seats squeak or creak when you shuffle in them or touch the side bolster? Do your seat controls make noise when you press on the trim surround? Do other interior parts make noise? I've had more creaks from switching out my fabric seats for leather and I've found the best way to stop it is...

    Plastidip. Yep, it's pretty amazing what it can do to plastic squeaks and creaks. I tried all types of foam (including thin foam tape) - which works too but it is bulky and tends to increase pressure on parts if not done perfectly.

    My seat noises have probably decreased 95%, armrest noise as well. All you need is 1 can and some time! Best of all, it isn't going to harm anything, is invisible (hidden behind part), can act as a touch-up, and not "permanent," but I don't know why you would want to reverse it anyways.

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    +1 on the title!

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