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Thread: 2004 TiAg ZHP

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    Absent for a while as I was holding off on purchases until black friday...managed to get a cheap H&R touring cup kit to hold me over until coilovers. Purchased a sent of strut reinforcement plates and the rogue engineering RSM as well.

    List of things replaced:
    -Original headlight bulbs replaced with OSRAM Laser
    -PS cap o-ring, original fluid
    -Xenon level sensor connector

    Found the xenon level sensor unplugged and tried to replug it in. Seems like years of being left open to environment caused the connector gasket to swell and tear. Connector seems to be a generic TE connector and found a dodge caravan harness that had to same connector. For anyone interested, 68018956AC is the PN for the connector. Costed $10 instead of $40 for the OEM BMW. I depinned the new wiring and just used the connector housing from the dodge harness.

    Probably not everyone's cup of tea but my wife did get me a new shift know as a Christmas present. The taller "anatomic" shift knob (PN 25117896884). While the ZHP stock knob has a great weight and shape, I could not get used to the shortened height. Getting the gear into 5th felt like a reach and the most annoying part was not being able to use the armrest comfortably (I paid for a car, I want to use all of it! lol). The anatomic shift knob keeps the same weight and shape as the zhp knob while just slightly raising the height. Now I can shift comfortably with the armrest down. Also my first time removing a BMW knob...should've moved my face further away lol....

    Progress with H&R Touring cup kit:

    Getting the springs compressed is incredibly frustrating...will be taking it to a shop with a better compressor. Will hopefully complete the job by tomorrow and get some pictures in.

    Also noticed that the new SACHs strut mounts seems to be a bit taller than the original, similar to this thread:

    The PN on my oem strut mounts seem to be different. Anyone know the difference between 31336770568 (listed as original E46) vs 31336760943 (original on my ZHP)?

    Is this the true cause for the height difference or is the rubber really worn down like suggested in the above thread?

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    The strut mount compresses overtime. Similar to the engine mounts.

    However (SACHS 802-066)from the z4 can be used on the e46 to lower the front by 10mm

    I usually order lemforder brand strut mounts.

    His - 2004 Imola Red / Alcantara 330i | 6MT | ZHP |

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    Long time no update due to family visiting over the holidays...

    Completed the H&R cup kit install along with reinforcement plates/mounts (went with rogue engineering for front and rear). Instead of taking the springs to a shop, decided to just purchase a spring compressor since I seem to use them often. Worked like a charm and much sturdier than the rental ones from auto stores!

    Was wondering if the springs even did anything with the addition of the reinforcement plates and new strut mounts (Cup kit was rated for only a 0.75" drop). I can't fit my regular jack underneath the front bumper anymore so it definitely did drop. I really wanted to keep the car near stock height so this is perfect for me!

    Tried to restore the driver side leather seat. Should hold up for now until I can replace the front seats with something else.

    Also found this today while fixing the rear bumper sag...thought it was from someone's rear license plate screw but looks like it was hit multiple times. Bastards..... probably expected of a daily I guess. Any suggestions for future repair would be appreciated!

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    Finally a weekend with good weather and some time for a drive. Dusted off the camera in case I found a good location to stop, which I did! Was at a dead end road that lead to a closed lot (seemed to be closed for a few years according to google)

    Few other updates:

    -Oil light has been going off but weirdly I couldn't find any leaks. Oil level hasn't been noticeably going down (always in the middle) so thought it might've been the oil level sensor. Bought a new oil level sensor and oil change kit and voila! Leak was at the oil level sensor
    Looks like it's just been collecting in the subframe reinforcement.

    -Replaced a few PS hoses and the reservoir.

    -Replaced the RTABs with these beauties and finally got an alignment. I didn't realize they offered a free tool loan which really helped since I didn't want to spend another ~$100 on another tool...:

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    Car looks great! and nice find on the electrical connector (68018956AC)! How'd you find it? What did you use to clean and restore your seat bolster. It looks pretty good.

    Thanks for documenting and sharing your projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    Car looks great! and nice find on the electrical connector (68018956AC)! How'd you find it? What did you use to clean and restore your seat bolster. It looks pretty good.

    Thanks for documenting and sharing your projects.
    Thank you! Hmmm...I don't recall how actually I found the connector. Usually involves just google page hopping. As for the seats, I went with a colourlock dye and filler kit.

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