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I've always engine braked in my prior e46 for 15 years. She happily went 250k miles with the original clutch and still drives strong. One thing to consider - rev matching every single gear on the way down is a bit excessive unless you're having fun on a spirited drive. If I'm driving casually I can usually role to an almost stop with just one downshift, maybe two.

Our cars will happily decelerate down to that last 10-15mph in 3rd gear, so if you are driving at any speed, you can easily stay in top gear until 40ish miles an hour, downshift to 3rd, then engage the clutch and use the brakes to stop once your RPMs hit idle speed. Rowing every single gear on the say down is a bit much for daily driving. 2nd gear has its uses as well but if I'm driving fast enough, I usually downshift to 3rd at the right time and then let it be from there.

Ya agreed.... I only down every gear when I just feel like "practicing" but otherwise ya 3rd is a good one to come to near stop and then massage the brakes.

I cant honestly remember when I put in my ceramic brakes... my local ZHP friend did it with me and it might almost be a decade LOL... I been so paranoid with that I asked the last shop again to please check my brakes, even the dealer said it was ok so I am sure its fine.