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    Easiest way to paint and rust proof diff, subframe, vincebar kit (no spray paint)

    I have my diff and subframe out and there is some rust on both. I will also be doing the vincebar kit which will involves cutting into the trunk and seat area and installing some steel plates/bars. I want to prevent rust from going these areas and protect them.

    Im sort of confused with all the options out there. As far as the vincebar kit goes, if its clean baremetal, can I just use any paint and primer I want on the area? Whats the best way to prep it? Just make sure its clean?

    As for the diff and subframe, they both have existing paint coats on them, but some of it is rusted. Do I need to completely strip the paint to repaint it? Or can I just scrub the surface with a wirebrush and paint right over it? Do I just buy POR-15/KBS seal and throw it on there and call it a day?

    Also looking for something that isnt a spray paint, I dont have a ton of room to spray in a ventilated area outside, so would prefer old fashioned paint and a brush.

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    I'd POR15 and call it a day - I've had pretty good luck with it. I'd recommend stripping the subframe as much as you can especially if it's from the north and crusty, then use the metal ready to etch before painting.

    Not exactly pretty with the vincebar but it's all covered up.

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    Por15 is your best bet. Used it to do an entire (as much as I could physically reach) 3rd Gen 4runner frame.

    Definitely suggest grinding off the old finish and any rust. Cleaning and prep is your best friend. If you don’t entirely strip it, I would recommend clearing the rusted area the best you can, getting a rust converting spray to cover it, and then do por15 over that if you go the por15 route.
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