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    Leg Distance to Clutch + Gas/Brake

    Is it just me or do I feel like the clutch is a lot farther away than the gas and brakes, meaning I feel like in my seat position the brakes and the gas are kind of close to me but the clutch is really far away so I have to sacrifice one or the other for my comfort, and some people say you don't have to depress the clutch all the way down to shift and I understand that, but that's still not a good feeling and I'd rather have my left foot reach down to the end without having to reach and straighten it out totally, do you guys know what I mean or is my body weird?

    Having my right leg bent much more and not able to relax while I am stretched out on my left, there has to be something I am missing here?
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    For a cheap fix you could try a clutch stop, that helped me a lot. You can get one for example from bimmerworld. You just screw it in to a little hole behind the clutch, it acts as a stopper to shorten the travel.

    The other option is the mason engineering pedal. I bought one but haven’t tried it yet. I know ZHPizza tried it out. He said it brings the clutch closer in line to the brake pedal, I believe he has pictures in his red car project thread.

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    It's not you. It's the seating position. The driving position isn't ideal in E46's because it's off center and actually angled away (off-axis) from the center to the left:

    It bothered me a lot when I got into an E46, but I've gotten used to it.

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    I'm using an elevator bolt (thanks @ZHPizza) with E36 rubber cover. Works well, is adjustable and cheaper than buying one from Bimmerworld.
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