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Thread: new to ZHP

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    new to ZHP

    here is my new Baby.
    I love it and I think I had a good deal at $5000. Ok it has high mileage but it comes with M3 Springs and shocks. The engine was rebuilt at some point and it drives great so far. I found the steering wheel not as accurate as the real M3 I so not know if this is normal or not. But overall for $5000 this is a great car.
    Looking for hints because there are some cosmetic issues to fix. I am happy to be part of the ZHP mafia.
    Thanks for your attention.

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    Welcome, and congrats on your find! Lots of info to glean from previous threads so make sure to take advantage of the Search function. Good luck!
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    Congrats, that was a good deal.
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    Welcome to the best car and the best car forum!
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    Congrats! Ha, the first two characters of our license plates match
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    thanks to all!!

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