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    Selling a totaled ZHP coupe (CA)

    So over the summer I was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red.
    My ZHP was hit on the drivers side front corner and declared a total loss.
    The other drivers insurance made an "owner retains" offer so I'd have to sell the car.
    What can you expect to get from a salvage yard in CA for an 05 ZHP coupe (auto) these days?
    I'm not interested in parting it out as I live in an apartment.
    It had about 135k on it if that matters...

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    I'd post it on Facebook for a few thousand. Auto is hurting the parts value, but coupe helps. If it's priced reasonably, you'll (theoretically) have a few serious people who will take it off your hands in short order amongst the 100 people that are going to waste your time.

    I think you're going to see the most money through an auction site like copart, etc if you wanted a check right away. Salvage yard probably won't care that it's a ZHP and are going to pay the same as what they would for any E46.

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    Salvage yard will pay very little. I asked some years ago, they said “we pay 600 dlls if the car is in running condition”.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    153,000 miles

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    Well if someone does end up buying it to part out and ends up being local to the northeast, I need the engine... hit me up lol
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