Since it's wintertime I'm in no rush to get my car ready. Im doing the flex disc and shifter bushings and tranny mounts, so replacing the clutch is just a couple more bolts away, so I figure I do it now while it's easily accessible.

Im on 194K miles and I have no idea when the clutch was done, but I have a good feeling the clutch is original, just based on the condition of the rest of the car.

I've done a lot of reading and most folks seem to hate the Single Mass Flywheel Conversion, but all the accounts I've read have either been the valeo SMF conversion, or the blue UUC or JB lightweight aluminum flywheel.

There are a couple of steel flywheel kits with sprung clutches available for our 6 speeds:

clutch masters fx100:
syncro design works:

This seems like a decent in-between for comfort, but the Valeo kit has a sprung clutch I believe, and a flywheel with similar weight to stock, and a lot of folks still hated it.

I can get a Luk OEM flywheel and clutch kit for about $600 from rock auto, so its the most economical and safe option. I don't really need something super comfortable but this will be on the road far more than on a track, so want to avoid something hardcore like a 10lb aluminum wheel, but at the same time it would be nice to get the engine to respond a bit quicker with a slightly lighter flywheel.

I would like to atleast try to get rid of the SAC (Self Adjusting Clutch) mechanism, if I do stay with OEM. Anyone know if this is possible?

Also anyone have experience with either the clutch masters or syncro design works clutch with steel flywheel? Or should I just stay with OEM and call it a day?