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    If God had created a car

    it would be the e46 3-series.

    Happy New Year everyone. Prevailing conditions have cast dark shadows over those of an optimistic disposition. The wounds of a stolen election run deep; having cut so, swiftly and sharply, few realize how deeply they run, dulling the urgency for the requisite immediate attention. Decades of atrophying scientific understanding have manifested in an atrocious monetary policy, forcing a paradigm shift from a fundamental understanding of monetary value. The curse of inflation can no longer be hidden. Stepping outside of the (former?) representative republic, the world at large appears no better off. For reasons beyond the public's understanding, diplomacy has been thrown out the window in favor of a resurgent cold war, driven by a politics of the most despicable sort. Even those who seek independence from the established order of the past centuries (China), are faced with the bitter truth that imitation does not lend itself well to self sufficiency, leaving no corner of refuge in the world from the ominous clouds casting their dark shadows.

    Yet still something prevails. Those few imbued with a high-minded conscious and integrity might fully cling to what is theirs.
    If God had created a car, I find no reason to doubt it would be the e46 3-series. What an absolutely fabulous car, made better by the m-sport package.

    Happy New Year everyone!
    Everybody loves Fried Chicken

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    Happy new year to all!
    325i, 2005, 5MT, Silvergrey, leatherette, Sport package; CDV delete, KONI STR-T & KYB Excel-G, Weisslichts, Stewart H2O pump

    328i, 2010, 6MT, Spacegrey, dakota leather, M-sport packages; has a 330 intake but no tune - yet][IMG]

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