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    Wiper Blades for 330i

    Time to change the wiper blades, I am thinking to buy from costco one any deals out there ?

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    If you purchase from FCPEuro you'll never pay for another set with their lifetime replacement warranty.
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    Genuine bmw euro blades from fcpeuro. Part number 61612458347

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    I highly recommend PIAA silicone blades! I have a set on my 4runner which sits outside in the sun all year round and they still wipe like new. I've had the same set since 2020.

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    I just got a set of the Bosch replacements (link)

    I wanted to keep the original frames and get replacement inserts but some of the plastic pieces (guides, etc) on the frames were broken so I went with the blade type. Although I still prefer the look of the original frames, I have no regrets with the Bosch ones. Wipes well, cost effective.

    I've heard nothing but good things about the PIAA silicone blades; everyone has mentioned how long they last! I might look into those next.

    Edit to add: The Bosch set is cheaper than a pair from Costco (9.99 each usually), and imo works better for e46. I had a 6-8" circle that the Costco wiper just wouldn't wipe, and unfortunately it was directly in my line of sight.

    Edit 2: the weird wiping action I experienced with the Costco wiper might have been due to the guide on the left wiper arm that should have been removed.
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    I'm also using the PIAA silicone wipers. The set that came with the car from the previous owner lasted well over 2 years. Tried rubber again, and now back to silicone. The other nice thing is that the silicone sticks to the glass and acts as a water repellent. No more rain-x!
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    Funny you mention Costco, I just went there yesterday and got a set for my wife's Jeep.
    I was going to get for the 330 also, but FCP is on sale, and like someone else said they have a lifetime warranty, not that its worth shipping them back honestly, but For $15 you can't go wrong. Spend over $50 and get free shipping.

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