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    Car lurches under acceleration, rear end not behaving quite right

    Unsure what hte lurch on acceleration is. Diff bushings are new and good, tranny and engine mounts are new and good. Only thing I can guess is the new Huk Dual-Mass-Flywheel (I should have gotten genuine, I fucking knew it).

    Then there's the issue of the rear not being super planted under harder driving. I think I have to tighten the front struts up a tiny bit (They are a bit higher than spec calls for though, but I like it for two reasons: 1. I can go over dips, 2. I don't want to lower it). It's not egregious.

    Pls spare me "you need to lower your front struts".

    It might really just be the two things I listed (front struts and dual mass flywheel).
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    do you mean luk dual mass? I recently installed one as well and upon inspection of my old genuine one it looked nearly identical to the luk one, so not sure. how long has the lurch existed, was it right after the flywheel install or did it exist before?

    I was helping my younger brother w/ his 325i he just bought and the rear was a little suspect around corners and at higher speeds but the previous owner had installed some no name shocks which we replaced with some sachs and now the car is much more planted in that regard.

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    Luk dual mass flywheel and genuine bmw clutch kit has given me 0 issues.

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    Yes, Luk.

    Even before installing it, I felt like it was loose. It existed right away after doing the clutch and didn't exist quite as bad before, but that flywheel had some miles on it.
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