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    Vapor barrier (seal) - Pics


    No comments necessary; this is post is more of a picture reference for those who decide to replace their vapor barriers. I've scoured this site and other sites to help me replace my vapor barrier on my rear driver's side door. Water leakage has been an issue said the previous owner and since it's rained a few times this month, I decided to fix it sooner than later. However, I was unable to find many pics that people referenced, so I decided to add them here for the next person who decides to tackle this job.

    3M Windo-weld butyl tape

    Vapor barrier for driver's rear door

    Saw many who referenced "the long screw's location?". It's next to the handle. All others are silver in color and much shorter in length. There are a total of 4 silver screws and 1 long black screw (as pictured)

    Well-hidden upper door handle screw behind the window switch:

    Drain holes (2). They're rectangular, not actually holes:

    Armrest screw locations. There should be two plastic covers which come out fairly easily:

    Door card grommets and horizontal mounting slits that fit into metal male brackets(?). Sorry don't know the part name but should be obvious when you pull off the door card (towards you, not upwards):

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    Thanks, this is helpful.
    I went through this to replace my window regulator not that long ago, and couldn't remember the place for the long screw
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