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    VANOS kit recommendation


    Ok, DISA rebuild done and now onto the VANOS. I'll need to get some help checking to see if I have the rattle, but I'm going to make sure whatever I buy includes the part that addresses rattles since I'm opening it up anyways.

    Seems to me after some research that Beisan has the most positive comments about their rebuild products (they seem to not have a kit, but buy parts a la carte), but does anyone have thoughts about the Turner kit?



    Seems Turner's kit is a lot less for the same parts, so I'm wondering if there's a difference in quality/experience of their parts they're selling in this kit.

    Also, valve cover gasket was done at 74K. I don't believe this can be or should be reused, right? The VANOS oil line hasn't been replaced by the PO either. Any other parts to purchase along with the VANOS repair?


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    Don't know the others, many of us (including me) went with Besian, as you use your own. Dr. Vanos I hear is good but you get someone elses. Have not heard much about Turners.

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    I actually went with Dr Vanos and it’s been great so far! The unit looks brand new. I think they may even clean and paint them.
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    I rebuilt my VANOS on my first ZHP when I was at Dane's house during the 2012 Reunion meet. I used the Beisan VANOS rebuild and anti rattle kit with the help from Kyle as this was my first time taking the VANOS apart. This is something I plan to do with my current ZHP sometime during the 2024 car season as I have a spare ZHP VANOS sitting in my garage

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    Thanks for all the replies, gents!

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