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Thread: DIY - How to load up NCSEXPERT

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    DIY - How to load up NCSEXPERT

    This is an attempt at writing a comprehensive guide on how to correctly load up NCSEXPERT. With time it should be fairly complete but for now a rough draft should get most everyone started.


    and V40 e46 progman files found here
    I would also recommend to use any of the included profiles to read modules and exclusively use revtors profile (ATTACHED) (or make your own) to do any coding. Once you are comfortable coding modules you can run revtors profile exclusively for both read and write.

    To install the profile copy the .pfl into NCSEXPER/PFL folder or EC-APPS/NCSEXPER/PFL

    Once, you have downloaded the V40 files mount the iso using DAEMON tools. Then browse to the daten folder. Inside it you will find LADEN.bat. Run it and choose yes on all the prompts.

    This effectively updates NCSexpert files to prevent CHASSIS is faulty and VIN is faulty errors.


    Use repxet as the password under file/edit profile to create your own profile.


    COAPI-1020: can not open file for reading

    Fix: open up notepad, choose save as, name the file FSW_PSW.MAN and drop in the path shown above or your WORK folder. (MAKE SURE IT'S NOT SAVED AS A .TXT file)

    Additionally, I've attached a copy of NCS with all the above steps shown above. Simply delete or rename your C:\NCSEXPER folder and extract the zip in its place.

    Should work error free but as always if any come up please let me know!


    password is e46
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    spencers Guest
    Nice! I've always wondered how to get rid of that stupid "Chassis is Faulty" error.

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    Thanks for the writeup VA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by danewilson77 View Post
    Thanks for the writeup VA!
    no prob! ummm,

    MODS; Would i get in trouble if I created a thread uploaded and attached all of the BMW software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VA330CI View Post
    no prob! ummm,

    MODS; Would i get in trouble if I created a thread uploaded and attached all of the BMW software?
    Only if it's copyrighted code. If it is, then don't do it.

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    i tried to upload a copy of NCSEXPERT with the latest E46 V40 files copied in the right place. But can't attach it since its 1.2 mb in size and the forum won't let me attach it.... Can we somehow up it to 1.5MB?

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    What kind of file is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus-SanDiego View Post
    What kind of file is it?
    .zip. It contains the entire NCSEXPER Folder with updated e46 chassis files; tested to work and 100 error free.

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    Cool. Thanks. Just needed to know which file size to adjust.

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    Could you make it a max of 2mb for zips? just to give us some headroom?

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