So I think I'm pulling the lip pieces off of my car, having the front end repainted, and instead of reinstalling them I'm going to fab up a custom metal splitter. My buddy owns a big HVAC company and told me his metal guy can fab up anything I want from sheet or aluminum, I just have to pay for products. So I'm trying to decide what's the best thing to make my design out of. Anyone have any experience with modeling cardboard? What other options do I have? I'll take pics and detail what I do when the time comes. Hopefully w/in a couple months I'll get a lift open at my buddies toybox (shop) and get in there.

There is another lift with his built C5 vette on it too, along with 3 shifter carts and other toys. As soon as his vette is done I'll have a lift open to put the BMW on and get to work mocking it up. This will be a first for me but I think it will look sweet.