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    Quote Originally Posted by joeybananaz18 View Post
    Hereís what I do:
    Jack up the car at the rear jacking pad and place a jack stand up front. Go around to the other side and repeat.

    Hereís what I WANT to do:
    I want to get all four wheels up off the ground. I was thinking of doing the process above and then using the rear diff to get the back of the car up to get a second set of jack stands under the rear jacking points.

    Thoughts on this?

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    Yup, thatís what I do. But donít use the diff as the jacking point, use the subframe...

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    Yep, that's what I do too. You want to jack it from the steel part of the subframe that passes under the diff. Don't use the aluminum brace that's in the same area.
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    First image in this post is a good example: (Yes it's an M3 but the jack points are the same.)

    My left rear jack pad collapsed the first time I jacked it there, so he's right about them being likely to bend. Now I jack the rear from the subframe in front of the differential.

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    Thanks so much for the clarification guys!

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    One word... QUICKJACK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reasoned1 View Post
    One word... QUICKJACK!
    And now Costco has them (well on back order)!

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    Jacking these cars sucks. Jacking up any car sucks.

    Found from a thread on a different forum

    Copying the pictures here for reference:

    Name:  Front Jacking Point e46.jpg
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    Name:  e46 Jacking Points.png
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    I just got mine on 4 jackstands (not ready to crawl underneath) by lifting from the rear diff, putting 2 3-ton jackstands underneath the jack points in the rear, then jacking up each front side individually (from the side) and placing a 6-ton jackstand on the jack point.

    The process is not fun, and you will lift the whole front when raising it from the side. My jack cannot reach the front center lift point.

    Even once I got it on the stands, I had to do some adjustments to the rear because one of my jack points was off. The car could tilt on two jackstands when lifted from the rear right. I now got that sorted and it's solidly planted on all 4. I hate all of this. I will furnish some sort of backup, since what I usually do (leave the jack just below a lift point somewhere) won't work since I plan on removing the rear subframe.

    Also this post here about Christian dying under his e46 from hitting the jackstand release switch is constantly on my mind:
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    Yeah...I really want to get a set of QuickJacks at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    Yeah...I really want to get a set of QuickJacks at some point
    Best investment ever, love it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    Yeah...I really want to get a set of QuickJacks at some point
    Best $1k I've ever spent. The payback in safety and ease of working on the car has been enormous.

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