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    4th Annual High Performance Driving School

    Hello everyone in the fine southwest.

    I've posted up some details of a high performance driving school being held at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Feel free to contact me with any questions; I'd love to see a huge ZHP turnout - or non ZHP - I don't care!
    - now with 5 speeds

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    bumping this back up - we've just found out that James Clay, owner of Bimmerworld and driver of the #79 BMW M3, will be joining us this year! Contact me with any questions....Registration is open and I'd love to see a gaggle of ZHP's out there at one of the best tracks in the midwest.
    - now with 5 speeds

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    Update on the activities.....

    James will be available for instruction, coaching, car setup, and product advice. He will be providing both on and off track instruction.....In YOUR car, no less!

    C'mon, ZHP friends, let's take over the track!!

    For those that don't know, James Clay is not only a professional racer and owner of Bimmerworld, but he also is a professional driving coach. This is an opportunity to advance your driving with some of the best classroom, instruction, and coaching available today.

    Contact me with questions.....
    - now with 5 speeds

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