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    So I found a somewhat local ZHP convertible (graphite metallic with black interior). It's high mileage (168K) but is pretty clean. PPI found some common issues like front strut leaking, air/oil separator and drain hoses leaking, needed control arm bushings and a minor leak from the transmission selector. Seller plans to take care of all these items regardless of whether I purchase or not. As I see prices of the lower mileage (and some higher mileage ones) cars continue to rise, I'm curious as to what others think what the value is of a higher mileage car such as this? He's asking 9800 and is negotiable. I think that's high. Am I wrong?
    I would be happy to buy a nice ZHP vert with no mechanical issues for $9k. Is that a dealer ? I wonder if the PPI included an estimate to fix all of that.
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    It did. Estimate was $2800 to address struts, control arm bushings, hoses, brake flush. Seller is taking care of the struts and bushings and then will have it aligned. I don't think the transmission selector shaft leak is being addressed. BMW mechanic said that it was very small and he wasn't overly concerned. A transmission shop would need to fix that. I think its most likely shaft selector seal that needs to be replaced.

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