Yall think this is a good deal?
Hey whastup you guys, my name is Deja, Im new to this group so bear with me. Within the next week or so, im planning on meeting up with a guy whos flying from Chicago to Florida for me to possibly purchase his vacation car. Its an automatic 2005 330ci BMW vert w 85k miles on it and impeccable sand leather interior. Unsure as of now if theres any sport/cold weather packages on the car, but its definitely not a ZHP. The cars condition is aesthetically perfect from what I can see on the pictures and he claims the mechanics are running as they should be.

Lets just say after I get the car thoroughly diagnosed and checked to see if its mechanically sound, and it needs no work at all, do you think that his asking price 8250$ is too steep? I was going to bargain with him, starting off at 5k, with my cap on my budget being 6k cash in hand.

KBB states that the private range fro this cars pricing is from 5,394-8,767$. The avg. private party value is at 7,081$. (with the mileage caculated into the pricing)

I would only pay my budgect cap if everything indeed did check out to be perfect. I wanted to know if you all had any bargaining advice or opinions on my starting bargaining price of 5k? Do you think it should be lower, or is it a good starting point?
I ask because 8k for a 14 year old car to me is a little steep, no matter the condition. I will post updates as I learn if the car has multiple owners or not, if all the paperwork for mechanical repairs is present, if the car is possibly a sport package, when I actually view the car, and what the mechanics say when I get the car to get looked at. Please let me know what yall think!