Purchased at the end of March 2022 after needing to replace my other e46 after 16 years of ownership

2004 330i
Imola Red over Tanin

Notable Items:
Rims near perfect condition, brand new tri-stitch alcantara steering wheel, brand new shift knob, brand new battery, brand new tires, extra complete black interior (w/ M3 front seats,) brand new center console, near new center armrest, brand new windshield, near flawless paint and zero rust, Dinan Stage III package (intake, software, strut bar, throttle body,) interior dash essentially brand new - buttons on radio/hvac felt like they never been pressed.

Actionable items that i took care of within a few very busy weeks:

Seats needed new seatbelt tensioners (took from the M3 seats)
Windshield washer reservoir, wipers, and new windshield cowl installed
Debadge trunk
Paint correction (had surface swirls)
Needed new brakes/pads - happily put OEM rotors with Z23s
Needed both airbag recalls taken care of (this was actually nice since my steering wheel and airbag are now essentially brand new)
Trunk shocks needed a refresh
Driver's side window regulator (came with the car)
Driver's side headlight ballast along with new headlight rubber strips that touch the hood
Front bumper mesh replacement (super faded)
New license plate lights/front corner lights/side blinker lights

All in all I'm into her for about $14,000 and she is running near perfectly. A very generous friend gifted me his bluebus so the car is now modernized in the audio/phone category. The only thing left is to re-paint the front bumper since its showing some age.