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Thread: ATL ZHP v2.0 - A Silbergrau Owner's Chronicle

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    ATL ZHP v2.0 - A Silbergrau Owner's Chronicle

    So, I loved the first one so much I knew I had to get another. 34 days of ownership wasn't enough.

    One of the ZHPs I was interested in before buying my TIAG was a Silbergrau in Raleigh. I originally wanted only Silbergrau, but this one had a leather interior and I was dead set on Alcantara.

    The prospect of starting my search anew and dealing with new sellers was just too much to make me rule this car out over leather vs. alcantara. I decided to go for it and see how I felt about the leather and possibly pursue an alcantara swap sometime down the road.

    So, I picked up the Raleigh car from a great seller on bf.c.

    2005 Silbergrau Sedan
    Black Cube
    Black Leather
    Cold Wx

    Body color molding
    Clear Corners
    CSL Reps wrapped in Sumitomo rubber, 135s also included in new hankook rubber
    Dice iPod kit

    Some pics from the FS thread:

    Flew up to Raleigh Friday on Airtran for a whopping $79. Got her home 500 miles later.

    I'm just not a fan of body color molding or clear corners so I got right to work. I also was a little disappointed in the cosmetic condition of the car, particularly the stock ZHP wheels. They were DISGUSTING.

    So, all new OEM molding, OEM amber plastic, Khoalty black kidneys, a new shift knob, and about 6 hours of intense scrubbing, chemicals, and washing later, here is what I've got for ya:

    The Munich plate is actually a real plate from the mid 90s from Germany. Operated on a car owned by the German side of my family, so it is the real deal.

    I've got the body color molding and depo clear corners to put up for sale. I also think I'll take the dice kit out since i do not and will never own an ipod.

    Progress coming soon/pics I'll get up soon/parts I have in the garage:
    -CSL Tri-color stitch alcantara wheel swap (leather M3 wheel came with it)
    -expansion tank, water pump, tstat, upper/lower hoses
    -idler, tensioner, tensioner pulley, belts
    -driver window regulator
    -possibly toss on the CSL reps to see if I like the look
    -Beisan seals and rattle kit. This vanos rattles like a mother!
    -all filters and fluids
    -Meyle HD FCABS
    -OEM Aux audio input
    -new black bumper mesh grille
    -new headlight lenses to replace the pitted mess on there now
    -OEM wiper arms to replace the worn bosch blades
    -Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean on the way to get the leather nice and supple

    All comments and suggestions welcome. I'd like to get this thing ready to go another 100k.

    In an interesting note, this car is substantially more powerful than my first ZHP. I'm not sure if the last one had something wrong with it or what, but the difference is significant. This car also has the CDV deleted which is just a remarkable difference. I never thought it would be THAT big of a deal but boy was I wrong.

    Stay tuned! I'll keep the updates flowing and hope I can keep this one for a long, long time.

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    Looks great. I too like the contrasting black molding on silver grey. Link to what happened to your first ZHP?

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    Looks great.

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    Love that color!

    Its the Silbergrau club.
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    Sounds like you've got it all covered. Looks great.
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    Looks sweet. Congrats!

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    What part of Atlanta are you located - I am in Canton but work in Marietta.

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    I remember this car coming up for sale. Im from raleigh. Looks like u have it ready for a full maintenance run. You will easily get another 100k. I've got 152,000 on a damn automatic. U r good to go.

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    No links for the demise of the TIAG. It was a shitty day that I just don't want to really broadcast on the net. No injuries, just a collision that caused a lot of damage to the ZHP because of its low bumper height versus a minivan.

    Yeah, it should get it set for a while. Only parts I'm still waiting on are the headlight lenses and bumper mesh. My Leatherique showed up today.

    Ranger - I believe we met at Shane's.

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    The car looks great. I would have kept the clears, but I like the black better than body color on sedans.

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