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Thread: ZHP as Artwork to Admire and as Periodic Analog Experience Provider

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    ZHP as Artwork to Admire and as Periodic Analog Experience Provider

    Are there others out there like me with how they regard their ZHP? We have other vehicles that get most of my mileage and, yet, I cannot bring myself to part with my ZHP. My lovely ZHP's street value is less than a ten year old used Walker Mower (I've been thinking about buying a used Walker Mower and the irony strikes me of a $10,000 mower when new in 2010 after ten years of hard commercial use is worth more than my lovely and well-maintained ZHP). I drive my 435ix convertible as my predominate daily driver and, yet, always admire the good looks of my ZHP sitting in the carport as I back out in my newer car.

    The analog driving experience of my ZHP is a treat I give to myself from time to time usually when feeling guilty about not driving the ZHP. I know I should part ways with this seemingly extra hardware in my carport, the annual insurance costs, the on-going maintenance expenses and the periodic washing/waxing. I just cannot bring myself to parting with my ZHP. There are times when I stand and admire it as artwork.

    I know a many of the folks on this forum are using their ZHPs as daily drivers. There appear to be a smaller group on the forum who collect cars. I'm a guy who does not collect cars, yet I cannot seem to let my ZHP go. Anyone else here is the same situation?
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    Brother that's all of us

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZHPizza View Post
    Brother that's all of us
    Yup; I second this.

    Quantitatively - whether talking about MPG, safety, electronic doodads, etc - there are better cars. But I love the qualitative aspects (analog driving feel, aesthetics, etc).

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    I'm on the same boat. Less than 13k miles in five years of ZHP ownership. This is my forever car, I can't imagine selling it at some point. I also have a 2012 F30 335i with 90k miles. The 335i drives like a new car and has lots of technology, but I don't feel very attached to it.
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    Artwork is a good way to put it. Wouldn't mind parking it in the living room.
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    I tried looking for a replacement... especially since my motor is shot...

    I bought a new motor...

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    I have an addiction problem to the zhp. Got 3 of them in my driveway currently.

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    They will have to pry my ZHP out of my cold, dead hands. It's a keeper no matter what.

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    Well I don't got a ZHP. But I'm in the same boat. Never getting rid of the e46 unless something happens that is out of my hands *knock on wood*. But I agree with the driving feel. I have the Model 3 as my DD and frankly it's boring to drive. I honestly don't see why everyone raves about it. As a DD it's great and checks all the boxes. As a fun car, if you're not going straight on an empty road, it's not fun lol

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    I work from home mostly. The kidsí school is only a mile away. My office, when I go, is only 7.5 miles. The ZHP has been in the garage since the first snow fall last October. I drive either my Jeep or my truck this time of year and when ever our adventures take us on the road. I always loved the E46, particularly in sedan form. I donít need this car, but I love it. Like my Ď66 Pontiac, donít need it but love it even though I never drive it anymore. My truck is a Ď16 Ram Power Wagon. It has all the bells and whistles for that year. It does everything I ask of it very well. lacks the experience. The BMW and my Ď01 Jeep XJ are an experience every time Iím behind the wheel. Analog, deliberate, all character. It is about the feeling I get when climbing behind the wheel. I feel part of them and thereby a contributor to the experience. Not just the operator.

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