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Thread: List of indie BMW repair shops by city & state

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    Quote Originally Posted by iya_e46 View Post
    Anybody in the SoCal Area, please consider bringing your car to A's Garage in Monterey Park. The owner is a lifelong friend that I grew up with in the Philippines. He used to tune my old school corollas back in the early '90s -A true car guy and a brother from another mother. Look for Alvin and tell him Iya referred you.

    he's got 5 stars reviews all over the net. Thanks
    I second that
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    Looking for a BMW shop near Southampton, New Jersey.
    Thanks guys.

    Regards, Walt.

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    Any recommendations for LA and Chicago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBP2 View Post
    Any recommendations for LA and Chicago?

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    There's a similar thread in a different section. It has some Chicago options and probably some LA shops too.

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    What part of LA?
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    Any of these would work: Westwood, Santa Monica, Culver City

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    I just got my 2005 330Ci XHP Convertible, but I can't say enough good things about Corey and Heather at Ultimate Bimmer Services in Nashua NH. I've hade a 745i for years (220K miles) and probably wouldn't still have it if they hadn't been solving all issues it's had in the last few years at prices I could afford compared to the dealer. They know these cars and can do anything the local dealer can do at a fraction of the cost.

    These are real deal Bimmer people, and I'd trust them to fair and affordable (as affordable as BMW's can be )

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    Littlefield Automotive in Midland, TX. They do good work, but the owner is a cranky old man. If you call him and ask for updates he'll yell at you and tell you to come get it then if you want it so fast. That's how mechanics are around here, though. Everyone is super busy. The BMW dealership here is a bunch of idiots and crooks.
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    Munich Motors in midtown Phoenix,AZ and Arizona Bimmer Works in Mesa, AZ. Been seeing them for years now. Easy people to work with.

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