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Thread: BMW of Ridgefield CT

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoonerDee View Post
    From what the sales guy told me the oldest BMW dealer (perhaps not exclusive) was located somewhere in New York.

    The story he told me of how his place got started was quite interesting.

    Apparently the original owner was an immigrant, he came over here to live a new life, bought a brand new BMW, never registered it, sold it for a profit, then bought another, did the same, and kept doing it till he had enough money to open a store and the rest is history.
    Any idea how he made a profit? Bought it cheap and brought over from Germany to sell for more money here?
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    From what I remember from the conversation, he bought it here in the states after he came over bought one, drove it for a short while and sold then bought another and kept doing it.

    I don't think he told me where he bought it from, just somewhere here in the states, probably NY

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    Are we discussing Max Hoffman?

    As for Ridgefield BMW, my buying experience there when I grabbed my CPO 330ci was flawless. My family had bought two vehicles there, back when they were REM (Ridgefield European Motors) and sold Mazdas, among other marques.

    They have expanded quite a bit though the years.

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