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Thread: HID Retrofit for halogen headlights. Cheap and easy. doityourself

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    HID Retrofit for halogen headlights. Cheap and easy. doityourself

    As promised here is my DIY for an HID Projector retrofit into stock halogen housings. I got the idea from a member on another site and gave it a try my self. So here is what I did and how I did it.

    Tools needed:

    Socket set with 8mm and 10mm socket and extension.
    Phillips head screw driver
    Flat head screw driver
    Tape, duct tape or clear masking tape (will explain later)
    Small Philips head screw driver.
    Needle nose pliars
    Glue or silicone.

    Parts needed

    Morimoto mini h1 projectors

    e46-r projector shrouds I went with the discount option and got them cheaper.

    HID kit from where ever you want. I bought mine here

    Pre assembly. With the projectors comes a black adapter ring. Insert them into the e46 shrouds with the closed smooth end facing out and glue/silicone them into place like so.

    First step:

    Using the phillips head screw driver remove your corner lights by unscrewing the phillips head screw inside here

    Next remove the beauty trim below the headlights, some times they will pop right out, some times you need the flat head screw driver to pry the clips back

    Next using the 8mm socket remove the 4 screws holding the headlight down, there are two on the top, one on the bottom behind the headlight (between the high and low beams) and on on the side towards the center by the kidney grills. This is where the tape comes in handy, tape the socket to the extension so that if you bump it while pulling it out, it doesnt come undone and fall onto the plastic scrape shield underneath.... Ask me how I know

    Couldnt capture the side screw.

    Once the headlights are removed its time to disassemble them.

    On the top is the weather stripping, pull gently starting on one side and it should come off fairly easy.

    Next remove the lens it self, there are 7 clips holding them in, three on the top, three on the bottom and one on the side. Simply pry them up with your fingers (or flat head screw driver) till you hear a pop/click noise. Then working from one corner pull the lens out while lifting the securing tabs.

    Next remove the inside bezel, be careful while doing so (very fragile, again ask me how I know ) Start in one corner and gently pull and wiggle till it comes free

    Now with both headlights apart its time to put this thing together.

    Inside the low beam housing you will see a metal clip ring on the back. That is the h7 adapter plate, using a flat head screw driver pry it till it pops out (watch out for your eyes). I borrowed this picture. In the other DIY it said it wasn't necessary to remove this, I found it had to be done otherwise the projector would not fit.

    Once removed its time to prep the projector for insertion

    On the back are three tiny screws that hold a backing plate. this is the plate that holds the xenon bulb in place. With your new projectors comes a bag of goodies, inside take out the bit white plastic grommet, the u shaped bulb retaining clip and put them aside for later.

    Take the tiny phillips head screw driver and remove the three screws and the plate.

    Remove the screw on nut and set aside

    Next put on the white grommet

    Insert the projector into the headlight housing being sure to note which side is the top of the projector (it has the word top written on it)

    From behind screw on the nut and use needle nose pliers to secure it.

    Next put the backing plate and three screws back onto the projector. Do Not pre assemble the bulb retaining clip, that goes on last.

    Next insert your H1 HID bulb DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS).

    Once it is set attach the bulb retaining clip

    Now, mount the headlights to the car (using just the two top bolts for now) and hooking up your hids and test them. Take this time to align and level the projectors.

    Put everything back together being sure to check the projectors alignment often.

    A word of warning, you may need to order error eliminating wire harnesses to trick the OBC and keep it from giving you headlight out warnings. Or have your care coded at the dealer or follow my other DIY to code the car for xenons and turn off the bulb check

    And here is the final product. I will take some better pics later as well as pics of the cut off but here you go for now.

    An example of the cut off (not my car)

    Now in some of the pics you will notice wires coming off the projector, that is to activate the bixenon effect. The projectors have and solenoid activated shield that will turn them into high beams as well.

    The easiest way to hook them up is to drill a small hole in the back of the low beam housing and pass the wires through then wire tap them into the high beams. This will give you the bixenon as well as regular high beams.

    I haven't done that yet, but will some time soon in the future.

    Sometime soon I will get out and take some pics of my car at night so you can see how it looks.
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    Great contribution Spoons.

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    Spanks broseph.

    Can't take all the credit, someone else came up with the idea, this is just my version of it.

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    here are my long awaited cut off pics

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    great diy!

    How come one side is a different color cutoff? did you add washers?

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    Did this conversion to my car this past summer, very easy and affordable compared to buying a whole new headlight set.

    My only issue is the mini H1 projector, its not throwing the light very far. The cutoff is amazing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by derbo View Post
    great diy!

    How come one side is a different color cutoff? did you add washers?
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The reason for the different color is that the shield is out of place, its just slightly forward so it gives it that yellow color vs the blue.

    To fix it all I have to do is push it back like 1cm and its good. To do that I have to take the headlight apart again which I don't feel like doing lol. So for now it stays, doesn't really bother me, plus when I hook up the Bixenon feature I can fix it then.

    As for Jayjay, mine throws the light pretty far, no complaints from me.

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    Nice! This is a DIY I want to undergo in the near future. Much much cheaper than other preassembled routes.

    So you leave the aluminum bowl inside? I thought you had to remove it and the shroud would replace the reflective bowl...
    Either way once I get my interior project done I will be contacting you after I break something doing the retrofit
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    Bowl stays in, the shroud covers most of it and leaves it looking almost OEM

    Im not responsible for your breaking stuff bub

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    So, should I do this? I need to at least replace the lenses on my halogen headlights. Now I'm thinking...hmm. SPooner? was this just the brights or both lights? Ballasts needed? Worth it?

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