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Thread: Derbo's ZHP

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    Sep 2011
    San Francisco, CA

    Derek's ZHP

    Probably about time I make myself a build thread:

    This will also be a timeline of when things happen and updates etc..

    2004 330i
    Black Sapphire/Cloth Interior.

    that's about all the options installed on my car from the factory.

    Current Mod List 07/2017

    BMW Power Dip DME Update
    BMW OE E46 M3 Fuel Pump Baffle
    CDV Delete
    G.A.S. DISA Valve Repair
    Corsa TSE3 Exhaust

    BMW OE E46 M3 Driveshaft
    BMW OE E46 M3 LSD
    BMW OE Z3M Shift Lever
    BMW OE E92 M3 Motor Mounts
    Rouge Engineering Transmission Mounts

    Suspension & Footwork:
    BMW OE Subframe Reinforcement Injection Foam
    BMW OE Front Strut Reinforcement Plates
    BMW OE E46 M3 Strut Bar
    BMW OE E46 M3 Rear Subframe
    BMW OE E46 M3 Rear Sway Bar
    BMW OE E85 Z4M Thrust Rod Bushings (FCAB)
    BMW OE E85 Z4M Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
    Hotchkis Front Sway Sway Bar
    Turner Motorsports RTAB Limiters
    Ground Control Coilovers Street/Track Setup
    Ground Control Camber Plates
    Ground Control Rear Shock Mounts
    Swift 65mm Coilover 6"/7" Springs
    Apex ARC8 17x8.5 +40 245/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Star Specs
    Macht Schnell 3mm Spacers (F)
    Bimmerworld Race 82mm Wheel studs
    Muteki SR48 Black Lugnuts

    BMW OE E46 M3 Rear Brakes
    StopTECH 332mm Front Brake Kit
    StopTECH Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    BimmerWorld Brake Duct Cooling Kit

    BMW OE AL Headlights w/ ZKW Lenses
    BMW OE ECE City Lights
    BMW OE ECE Clear Lenses
    BMW OE ECE Aspherical Side Mirrors
    BMW OE Performance Grilles

    BMW OE ECE Center Console Storage Tray
    BMW OE ECE First Aid Underseat Kit
    BMW OE ECE LCM Faceplate
    BMW OE LCM (3.6sw upgraded to 4.5 from Terra)
    BMW OE Rear Side Shade Kit
    BMW OE Bluetooth Antenna
    BMW OE Auxillary Kit
    BMW OE E9x Compass/Homelink/Autodim Rear View Mirror
    Recaro SPG Racing Seat
    Motion Motorsports Side Mounts
    Macht Schnell Floor Mount

    Day 1 in 2009 April

    Installing Ground Controls at Kalim's House

    Lowered with my bike rack.

    Then came new shoes. RPF1

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    San Francisco, CA
    Then came the HKS Exhaust

    I opt to paint it flat black after it turned all purple after Laguna Seca.

    And new rubber for track days!

    Somewhere down the line I got a BMW Performance Strut Bar as well.

    Track day pics!

    Also did the structural foam injection per BMW TIS.

    Fast forward a year of tracking and misc stuff and behold new brake upgrade

    ECS Big Brake Kit

    My crummy old rusting calipers

    The new parts!



    And thats where I am now.
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    San Francisco, CA
    Ordered the long eurotray. Still can get them from the dealership!

    Also ordered m3 fuel pump baffle fixture to help aid my fuel starvation on right hand sweepers at the track. Hopefully it solves it for Thunderhill Turn 14.

    and a crappy phone pic of the car in winter mode with 12.5mm spacers in front and 5mm rear.

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    few things on the list to do soon:
    -OEM M3 motor mounts
    -Tranny Mounts
    -RTAB Limiters
    -rear camber arms (if necessary to get to -2.0)

    New alignment settings with F -3 R -2 camber with new toe settings as well.

    Other stuff on the list of wants:
    -AFE Stage 1 Intake
    -New clutch
    -OEM Z3M "Short" Shifter
    -Performance Gearing LSD?

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    Awesome to see you over here, Derbo! Nicely done. Is the HKS for M54 or did you modify an M52TU setup? I'm looking for the HKS exhaust, but can't find it anywhere
    Porsche 944 Turbo Build

    One ride and you'll understand why most rocket scientists are German.

    My ZHP Build 2004-2014 RIP

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    Great build. Looking forward to more.

    HTC Thunderbolt+TT
    Call Me Dane l 2/2004 330i ZHP l 18x8 ET45 BBS CK's wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ @ 245-40-18 l KW V1 Coilovers in front l KW V1 springs w/ Bilstein B8 dampeners in rear l BMW Performance Rotors l UUC StrutBarbarian l Racing Dynamics Rear Strut Bar l Jim Conforti Shark Injector l Light Birch Interior Trim l Bimmian Celly Mount l M3 Trunk Mat l l e90 Performance E-Brake & Shift Knob l M3 Tri-Stitched Boots l AL Headlight Retrofit with ZKW Lenses l CobyWheel Wrap w/M3 Stitching l LCM sw 4.5 triple blink and rear fogs l Maple Interior Trim

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    Nice build thread, can't wait to see more. I also reign from the sunset district! haha
    trancenation's Alpine Weiss ZHP

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    Sounds of the exhaust!!! :D
    Vancouver, BC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rovert View Post
    Sounds of the exhaust!!! :D

    and pics of interior please...

    nice car!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danewilson77 View Post
    Great build. Looking forward to more.

    HTC Thunderbolt+TT
    Randeaux/Rando/John/jr - '06 Cic ZHP; Southern California
    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

    ZHP Performance Package, Cold Weather Package, Leather, Jet Black/Black/BlackCube, NAV, Anthracite Black "my individual" interior trim
    ESS Stage 1 Twin Screw Supercharger, Sprint Booster, BMW Perf Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, Dinan TB & STEP S/W, UCC Sway Bars, Apex EC-7 18x8.5 ET38
    Suspension: AST 44100 dampers, Bimmerworld front adjustable end links, Swift springs (8K front, 10K rear), Vorshlag camber plates
    Dynavin D99+, Hardwire V1 (w/V1 Connection), BSW Stage 1 Speakers, Kicker Amp/Subwoofer
    BMW Performance Strut Brace, Orion V2 Angel Eyes, No-holes License Plate, SMG Paddle Shift Mod, Besian VANOS, Gold DISA, Fan Delete, M3 Side Mirrors
    Note: Actual car no longer resembles signature picture

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